Monday, May 15, 2017

You have $2,500 to spend on new cameras for photojournalism.

For the class to function, we need AT LEAST two new cameras.

For the class to function well, ideally, more cameras, four or five, would be best.

YOU have to choose the best cameras for the program.

You have to balance quality and quantity, form and function.

Research cameras. Price cameras. Look for

Camera requirements:
MUST be a digital SLR
MUST have lenses that can be changed
MUST come with TWO lenses: 18-55mm and 75-300mm OR comparable
Does not need to come with a package with case, cleaning supplies, memory cards, etc., but it is a plus.

Here are some sites to look at to help you prepare:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Photo Essay Final

Your final for this class is a photo essay.

We've discussed photo essays before, and now it's your turn to make one.

You're in a unique situation in that you have privvy to so many things that most photojournalists don't and that so many scholars and individuals discuss, analyze, evaluate, make assumptions about, etc.: high school.

The four years you spend here have been horribly portrayed in movies and been the subject of multiple documentaries.

So many people look back at these days as a wonderful time in their lives but a time that they wouldn't want to repeat, even for a million dollars.

Honestly, almost every adult other than your parents, teachers, and anyone else who spends extensive time in high schools thinks this at graduation:

BUT then studies like this come out that the people who think it's easy choose not to pay attention to. (Disclaimer: I don't know where this study is from or if it's completely true, but it feels like it is. I'm a firm believer in high school is much harder than it was when your parents were in school. You know how I know? I'm the same age as some of your parents.)

I know, you're wondering, "What does this have to do with the photo essay? Can't you just get to the point? I have stuff I need to do. My Netflix shows can't watch themselves."

Here it is:

Your photo essay needs to be about an abstract term. And not only an abstract term, but an abstract term that you can apply to the high school experience.

Did your anxiety level shoot up? Don't worry. You've got this.

Abstract terms to consider:


Ways to get ideas:

Ask five people for three words to describe high school.

Ask an adult how high school is different from what it was like when they were in school.

Ask elementary or middle school students how they think high school will be.

Ask a freshman what they've learned about high school in their first year.

Look at your tweets, posts, instagram for descriptive words you used


Is there a right or wrong way to do it? Yes, if you don't do it, that's definitely a wrong way to do it. 
As long as you complete the assignment, fulfill the requirements, and are appropriate in your coverage, then you can't fail.

What are the requirements? You'll find that out on Monday.
Until Monday, all I want you to do is choose a word, think about how you'll capture it, and fill out the thought sheets.

For Monday: go to and type in your word and see what comes up. Screen shot it, post it to YOUR blog with the word you THINK will be your focus and why you chose that word.

Why did I put "think" in all capital letters? Because as you work through your photo essay, your word may change or evolve. You're not stuck with it; for some of you, the word will be a jumping-off point and for others, you'll stick with the same word the entire time.

Check this out if you're still worried:

Ideas for photo essays:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today, you're going to analyze a photo essay.  You're going to work in pairs to discuss the photo essay and then answer the questions in this google document:
Analyzing Photo Essay Google Form

Here are your pairs and the photo essay you'll analyze:

4th hour: Kylie B and Asia W
5th hour: Riley A and Shane V
Detroit Now and Then: Decay

4th hour: Grace C and Jazmyn T
5th hour: Lauren B and Siera S
Alain Delorme: Totems

4th hour: Nate C and Jacque S
5th hour: Haleigh S and Unique C
A Young Father's Balancing Act

4th hour: Ally C and Drew S
5th hour: Grace E and Rain R
Troubles Shared by Brenda Ann Kenneally

4th hour: Rhema P and Jasmine C
5th hour:Brooke G and Kenedy P
A Photo Fright Most Viral

4th hour: Emily D and Kaylea H
5th hour: Colton H and Lillian L
What the World Eats

4th hour: Colt D and Mia O
5th hour: Zofia Z and Holly H
School at Sea

4th hour: Jesse E and Hayli N
5th hour: Jeremiah L and Joel S
The Price of Precious

4th hour: Madison F and Shayle M
5th hour: Paige J and Delaney P and Alexis P
An immigrant's dream for a better life by David Gonzalez

4th hour: Olivia F and Braley M
5th hour: Holly H and Maxwell M
The ride of their lives by Josh Haner

4th hour: Autumn G and Austin L
5th hour:
Afghan Policewomen Struggle Against Culture

4th hour:  Ianeda H and Elizabeth L
5th hour:
The world's hauntingly beautiful abandoned theme parks by Seph Lawless

Look at the photo essays. Read about them. Analyze them. Read the questions and respond. EACH OF YOU NEEDS TO FILL ONE OUT! Just because you're working in pairs does NOT mean that you'll feel/think the same things about the photo essays!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Responding to your responses

Good morning, Photojournalists,

First off, I need to start figuring out which of you are staying with photojournalism next year so I can start thinking about plans. For those of you who have been in photojournalism two years in a row, I kind of feel like this year is too repetitious of last year, and I'd like to change the experience for returning staff members. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, yet, but I do have some ideas, and I'd like to know who's planning to stay so I can start thinking about how to implement them and how much I need to work out plans.

Thank you to those of you who took the "How a Photograph Can Change A Life" assignment seriously. There were some excellent responses, and I really appreciate your thoughtful answers. Grading your responses gave me some new persepctives and things to think about and consider about what these photographs did for the children and their families.

I appreciated most your responses about whether you'd be comfortable taking photos of that sort. There were some answers that showed me you really thought about your responses and who you are as a person and a photographer, like Grace Ericsson's: "Personally at this point, no, because I don't think I'm experienced enough to try to capture such a meaningful photo especially when there's so much riding on the photos," or Shayle Morales: "I think at first I might not, but seeing as how it could change the child's life I would want to do it. I may be uncomfortable because what if I didn't correctly capture an image of that child and people looked past it because the image was not good."

Many of you were honest in your analysis of yourself and the situation, which shows maturity and thoughtfulness, which I appreciate.

PLEASE make sure you've signed up for February events.

I'm mixing it up a little bit:

4th hour PhotoJ is required to take two events in February and will take three events in March

  • For 4th hour in February:
  • One MUST be a Courtwarming event
  • The other MUST be a non-Courtwarming event
  • AND for each event, you MUST capture TWO images that use two different the Rules of Composition that we've gone over OTHER than Rule of Thirds. You'll put these on your blog on March 1st. If you've already done an event for February and haven't captured this, then do four at one. 

5th hour PhotoJ is required to take three events in February and will take two events in March.
  • For 5th hour in February:
  • One MUST be a Courtwarming event
  • The other two MUST be non-Courtwarming events
  • AND for each event, you MUST capture TWO images that use two different the Rules of Composition that we've gone over OTHER than Rule of Thirds. You'll put these on your blog on March 1st. If you've already done an event for February and haven't captured this, then do four at one. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We've talked about angles and the difference they can make in your photography.

Here are two articles about how the angles and time taken in photos are changing lives.

Read them both and then respond to the prompts on the google form below them:

The Photo That Changed a Child's LIfe

Heart Gallery of America

Answer the questions on this blog:
Google form about the readings

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Composition Examples

The winners of the Composition Photo Challenge are:
4th hour: Elizabeth Lay

Here's what people said about Elizabeth's photo:
"I thought that she really described the photo well that she chose. If you really look at the photo and then look at the story she is telling, it really makes sense as to what the picture is visually showing and how its being shown to the viewers."

"I think Elizabeth deserves to win because the way she composed this photo is amazing. By getting close and using the whole from to focus on the emotion of the art, she captures the perfect photo."

5th hour: Lillian Leslie

Here's what people said about Lillian's photo:

"The square frames the two people pretty well, she had to get in the "right" square to frame them as best as possible. I think that it is pretty cool that the "frame" is a piece of the steps, showing that framing can take place anywhere."

"Her photo has very great framing with the fence effect going on up close. In the far end is the people who look to be in a frame which looks very cool."

"I liked her picture it showed her challenge very well and her story with it was realistic and reasonable."

CONGRATULATIONS, GIRLS!!! Enjoy your trip to the vending machines on me!!

We're going to take our study of Photography Composition even further today.

I know we're spending a lot of time on composition, but I'd like for it to become a habit for you to not only look for ways to employ the types of composition in your photography but for it also to become easier for you to recognize an opportunity to use the different types of composition when you're out shooting.

Being able to do this will up your skill and make your photographs more visually appealing.

You need to complete the google doc here:
Finding Examples of Types of Composition

MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE for copying, renaming, and sharing your document!!

You have until FRIDAY to complete this. And then when you're done, I'm going to take it even further in your photo assignments you're taking.

I'll be gone tomorrow, so continue working.